Warriors hoping to get back to training soon

Warriors team director Shafiek Abrahams is putting measures in place for the safe resumption of cricket
LIVES FIRST: Warriors team director Shafiek Abrahams is putting measures in place for the safe resumption of cricket

With a return to action not yet a reality, Warriors team director Shafiek Abrahams said their main objective was to ensure a safe environment for their players to return to training.

Abrahams said despite there being no confirmed date for when cricket could return, measures were already being discussed to ensure the safety of all players and staff when they received the go-ahead.

“I just want the guys to have nets, running around and being active at St George’s Park, let’s get there first,” Abrahams said  when asked if they would arrange any friendly matches to regain match fitness.

“We need guidance from CSA with a decision as to when we can start, once received, we can then work back and plan our preseason preparations including which would include friendlies and so forth.

“From a Warriors perspective, we need to get 18 players ready for the season, both physically and in terms of sharpening their skills,” Abrahams said.

Abrahams said despite their offices being closed since the lockdown began and all employees working from home, plans were already being discussed in terms of their Covid-19 protocols once a return date for players and staff had been announced.

“At this point, lives are more important than anything else, and my main concern is to create a safe environment for the players and staff to return to ,” he said.

On how the return to training would be navigated, Abrahams said the decision would be guided by government regulations.

“We have been working on Covid-19 protocols which would need to be in place if we do return to the stadium,” the EP Cricket acting general manager said.

Asked what training protocols would be put in place and how it would be carried out, Abrahams said: “There was no way we could resume training as per normal in the current situation.

“There are no gazetted guidelines for cricket’s return yet, but having had discussions internally, we will definitely have smaller groups, which means it will be a lot more work for the staff, who were used to having everyone there at the same time.

“Additionally, we would need to sanitise the gym and indoor centres if we have any activities in those areas.

“Players will also need to wear masks, have their temperature taken, sanitise their hands,” he said.

Abrahams said there would be strict access control to the stadium and its facilities, with the main gates being locked and a sign-in system being put in place to monitor who has access to the stadium.

The former Proteas spinner said there were still a few players and staff outside the province.

They were in the process of obtaining all the necessary documentation which would allow cross border travel for players outside the Eastern Cape with the hope of having the entire squad back in the Bay in July.