WATCH | Comrades, 100km & Ironman- these three athletes are breaking records from their backyards

Bennie Roux at his home 'aid station'
Bennie Roux at his home 'aid station'
Image: Facebook/Bennie Roux

Athletes Bennie Roux, Stuart Mann and Estelle Geerkens are not letting the lockdown stop them from keeping fit and breaking records. On Saturday, Roux ran and completed 90km in his backyard in one day, the distance of the Comrades marathon.

Geerkens followed suit on Sunday and managed to complete and even longer distance of 100km in 14 hours.

Stuart Mann, aka 'The Running Mann', successfully completed Ironman from his garden.

All three athletes shared their journeys on Facebook.

Bennie Roux 

Roux, a trail runner, braved the rain and completed his Comrades run while his wife Isabel cheered him on throughout by making him meals, giving him water and helping him change into dry gear.

60km aid station.

Posted by Bennie Roux on Saturday, April 4, 2020

He said the marathon was far from easy as it challenged both his physical and mental strength. His record-breaking moment was also backed by sponsors who donated money which he will give to Con-Amore school in Kempton Park which caters for children with intellectual disabilities.

Estelle Geerkens 

Comrades Marathon runner Geerkens completed 100km in 14 hours. She joined other runners who took part in the Fresh Trails' Ultra Backyard Trail Challenge which runs until the last day of the lockdown.

The minimum distance required to be completed by the runners is 42.3km, and she completed it in five hours. She is currently the longest distance runner among all participants so far according to Fresh Trails.

In the video shared on Facebook, she told her supporters after 85km that she was gunning for 100km.

Stuart Mann

Mann, known among other runners as 'The Running Mann', did not let the postponement of Ironman stop him from participating, even if it means doing so from his garden. The event, which as expected to take place in March, was moved to November because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Mann finished the full run, swim and cycle challenge in 13 hours. He shared that not having a bike did not keep him from doing the cycling challenge as he improvised with his gym cycling bike.

He swam for one hour ten minutes, cycled for five hours twenty minutes and ran for six hours in his driveway. He too received donations which will be channelled towards a youth organisation, Just The One.

180km cycle done in 5 hours 20 minutes. Stay tuned for the driveway marathon.

Posted by The Running Mann on Saturday, April 4, 2020