Schools gear up for K-Day action in Makhanda

Kingswood College
Kingswood College
Image: Facebook: Kingswood College

Kingswood College will host the 2019 K-Day festivities this week in a year in which the Makhanda school celebrates the 125th anniversary of its founding.

The K-Day week has become famous around SA and in many parts of the world for being one of the great schools derbies.

What started out as a senior school rugby fixture between Kingswood and cross-town rivals St Andrew’s College has morphed into an event that now includes the girls from both Kingswood and DSG.

The event spans the senior and junior schools of all three schools and incorporates rugby, hockey, netball, squash and golf.

Debating and a combined music concert form part of this special event, involving almost every pupil from the three outstanding schools.

It is said that the biggest sporting rivalries in the world are borne of close proximity.

Kingswood is about a kilometre away from St Andrew’s and DSG.

For decades, the supporters of all three schools, as well as the entire Makhanda community, have witnessed something special every year on K-Day.

Matches are played with great competitiveness and passion, but more important than that are the friendships forged, as well as the respect that develops from this rivalry.

There can be little doubt that some of the highlights to look out for will include the first team netball match to be played at the Kingswood high performance centre in an American college basketballlike setting, the U13A girls’ hockey match and the U9A rugby match. The day will culminate with the first team rugby match, which kicks off at 3.45pm on Saturday.

“We are looking forward to K-Day 2019,” Kingswood head of sport Pieter Serfontein said.

“We would like to thank St Andrew’s College and the DSG for the years of friendship and collegiality, as well as for joining us in celebrating our 125 years.

“We trust that all matches will be played with great competitiveness but also in a manner that reflects everything that is positive about sport,” Serfontein said.

“Bring on K-Day 2019.”