Bell’s camp sore losers, says Polish boxer’s trainer

Three-time SA Junior Light champion Nozipho Bell
Three-time SA Junior Light champion Nozipho Bell
Image: Werner Hills

Polish boxer Ewa Brodnicka’s trainer has suggested SA boxer Nozipho Bell’s camp are sore losers.

Bell’s trainer, Caiphus Ntante, cried foul after Brodnicka successfully defended her WBO Super Featherweight title against the South African in Lublin, Poland, on Friday.

But Brodnicka’s coach, Marco Brioschi, is adamant his boxer won – fair and square.

Brioschi said the 98-94 scorecard in favour of his boxer was an accurate reflection of the fight.

This week, Ntante filed a complaint with the WBO requesting a rematch, claiming they were robbed on the night.

Brioschi said Bell’s camp were wasting their time.

“It’s true that Ewa Brodnicka did not fight well on the night. Maybe she might have had some problems with her preparations,” Brioschi admitted on SAfm radio.

“Nozipho Bell is a fighter with a big heart and she did her best but 98 and 94 is the correct score. Nozipho never put Ewa in any trouble.

“Maybe Caiphus watched another game and he stays on planet Jupiter at this moment.

“Nobody here in Poland told our camp that Nozipho [should have] won.

“Nozipho lost this fight without any problems,” Brioschi said.

Ntante had pointed to the nationalities of the judges and referees.

He claimed two of the judges, and the referee, were from Poland, while the other judge was from Germany.

He said having two judges and the referee from the same country as Bell’s opponent was to Brodnicka’s advantage.

“Those judges should have been neutral, at least have two from Germany and one from Poland,” Ntante said.

Brioschi responded to the claims, saying: “About the choice of referees, it’s not us who choose them, it’s the federation who chose them.

“I also want to mention that the referee is from Germany, one judge is German and the supervisor is Hungarian.”

“Only two judges are from Poland and they were chosen by the World Boxing Organisation, and we trust the WBO.

“Nozipho can put in an official complaint to the WBO but I guess it will be a waste of time because everybody saw the match [in Brodnicka’s favour].

“If she wants to waste her time she can do that, but I don’t think the WBO will give her another chance because she does not deserve this – 9894 is the correct score,” he said.

“Nozipho is lucky because if Ewa had a good night, she [Bell] would have probably not finished the bout,” Brioschi said.