Londt Park B surge ahead as NMMU drop vital points

CHAMPIONS NMMU A will face a five-point deficit when they clash with Sunridge SuperSpar Londt Park B in a key EP men's first league match at NMMU on Tuesday.

This week, as the powerful Londt Park side wrapped up their sixth successive maximum haul of 12 points, Jason le Roux's NMMU side slipped slightly further behind by dropping two matches in beating Profiles 10-6.

In the varsity team's favour is that both losses were in five games, so they still managed a decent haul of points.

However, Londt Park have 72 points out of a possible 72 so far and it will be up to the talented NMMU side to see if they can become the first team this season to win an individual tie against the log-leaders, let alone inflict the first defeat on them this season.

If Londt Park, with the formidable Greg la Mude leading the way, stay unbeaten, it will be difficult to see anyone overhauling them in the title chase. Nonetheless, it should be a thrilling showdown at the campus on Tuesday.

In the women's first league, the hitherto unbeaten Crusaders B side were given a rude awakening when log- leaders Londt Park B thumped them 12-2.

Saders were in contention for the top placings, but now, with 46 points, they find themselves well behind Londt Park B (66) and Londt Park C (58). In Saders' favour is that both Londt Park teams have played a match more.

This week's results were:

Wv B bt NMMU 10-6 (Wv first): K Schepers lost to S O'Grady 3-1, E Olivier bt D Cooper 3-0, B Kohne bt N Langdon 3-1, C Matthys bt M Scholtz 3-2

Saders A bt Sunridge SuperSpar LP C 9-6 (Saders first): D van Eyk bt K Dodd 3-1, K de Kock bt A Tait 3-0, C Walland bt I Loftie-Eaton 3-2, J Price lost to H Ward 3-0

Sunridge SuperSpar LP B bt Saders B 12-2 (LP first): J Ryder bt A Murray 3-1, J Dodd bt L O'Grady 3-0, B la Mude bt A Fraser 3-1, K Hoy bt W Theron 3-0

Wv A bt Rhodes 10-4 (Wv first): J Byrnes bt N Ramchandra 3-0, M Bailey lost to C Ross 3-1, D vd Merwe bt A Farrell 3-1, S van Eck bt J Davies 3-0

Men Old Grey bt Rhodes 10-5 (OG first): B Nomkala bt S Euijen 3-2, B Forbes lost to T Mngcete 3-1, J Wessels bt M Hedges 3-0, A Mdana walkover

NMMU A bt Profiles 10-6 (NMMU first): J le Roux lost to S Bailey 3-2, K Schwarz bt D Bigara 3-0, J Terblanche bt G Plaatjies 3-0, A Labuschagne lost to R Webster 3-2

Sunridge SuperSpar LP B bt Westview 12-0 (LP first): G la Mude bt L Petersen 3-0, D van Niekerk bt D Hahn 3-0, P Ryder bt D Strydom 3-0, Q Masters bt M Schepers 3-0

Saders bt NMMU B 9-7 (Saders first): P Mason bt L McFarland 3-1, M Westcott lost to J Thiel 3-2, M Oshry lost to J Theron 3-1, M Fuller bt Z Botha 3-0

  •  The latest EP first league logs, subject to ratification by the logkeeper:
Men (five unless stated): LP B 72 (6), NMMU A 67 (6), Profiles 47, LP A 40, Old Grey 32, Saders 24, NMMU B 24 (6), Rhodes 17, Wv 14

Women: (five unless stated): LP B 66 (6), LP C 58 (6), Saders B 46, NMMU 40 (6), Saders A 33, LP A and Wv B 31, Wv A 28, Rhodes 9 - Neale Emslie