D-Day ahead for league sides

THE Safa-NMB SAB League title could be won and lost at the NU2 Stadium in Motherwell tomorrow.

The race is poised on a knifeedge with two Motherwell teams, Subs and Lion City, separated by a single point, with Callies a point behind.

There are just three matches remaining, including this weekend's fixtures.

In the midday game, City play Callies. If City repeat their first-round win Callies will be out of the race as they will the trail Subs by five points.

Even if they beat Subs in the last match it will not be enough.

City will remain a point behind Subs but the title race will remain out of their hands. They will have to win their remaining matches, and hope that Subs drop points in their final two games.

A draw between City and Callies will suit Subs as they will have an unbeatable three-point lead provided they beat Peace United in the late game

In the first round they beat the Walmer outfit 2-1. United will be no pushover as they are dangerously close to the relegation zone.

Fixtures: Showvillage United v Tomorrow Stars (NU2), Lion City v Callies (NU2), Hotspurs v Sunrise Development (Mooredyke), Highland Spurs v Camper United (Jabavu), Island City v Fairview Rovers (Uitenhage Central), Subs v Peace United (NU2), Despatch Pioneers v Central Acemates (Khayamnandi), Motherwell Academy v Royal Bucks (Kemsley Park) - Mogan Segadavan