Top teams show their class in squash league

CHAMPIONS NMMU A and Sunridge SuperSpar Londt Park B have quickly established themselves as the front runners in the EP men's first squash leagues with maximum points after two rounds.

Both clubs are fielding two first league teams, but neither has decided to split their strength as they vie for the league title.

That should lead to plenty of one-sided encounters, although it will mean a titanic showdown between the two teams when they clash in their head-to-head fixture later in the season.

Profiles, headed by Sean Bailey and Shaun Viljoen, have also made a good start to the season with successive wins, getting a fullhouse against a Crusaders side minus Dan Schultz this week. This week's results were:

Men NMMU bt Rhodes 12-1 (NMMU first): J le Roux bt S Euijen 3-1, K Schwarz bt T Mngcete 3-0, J Terblanche bt G Martin 3-0, A Labuschagne bt G Martin 3-0

Profiles bt Saders 12-3 (Profiles first): S Bailey bt P Mason 3-1, S Viljoen bt M Westcott 3-1, D Bigara bt M Oshry 3-1, R Webster bt M Fuller 3-0

Sunridge SuperSpar LP B bt NMMU B 12-1 (LP first): G La Mude bt L McFarland 3-0, R van Niekerk bt J Theron 3-0, P Ryder bt Z Botha 3-1, Q Masters bt G Scholtz 3-0

Sunridge SuperSpar LP A bt Wv 12-2 (LP first): S Erasmus bt L Sigele 3-1, A Senekal bt L Petersen 3-0, W Watermeyer bt D Hahn 3-0, G Hall bt D Strydom 3-1

Women NMMU bt Rhodes 12-0 (NMMU first): S O'Grady bt N Ramchandra 3-0, D Cooper bt C Ross 3-0, A Changfoot bt A Farrell 3-0, N Langdon bt J Davies 3-0

Saders B bt Sunridge SuperSpar LP A 10-4 (Saders first): A Murray bt C Levey 3-0, L O'Grady bt Carreen Shone 3-0, A Fraser bt T Dowling 3-1, W Theron lost to K Trevarthen 3-1

Wv B bt Saders A 7-6 (Wv first): K Schepers lost to K de Kock 3-0, E Olivier lost to C Walland 3-1, B Kohne bt J van Zyl 3-0, C Stone bt C Matthys 3-0 - Neale Emslie