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When was Africa Made Only established and what was the vision behind the brand? Where is Africa Made Only based?

Africa Made Only was established in 2018 and is a community conscious brand collective inspired & produced in South Africa. Africa Made Only also partner with local creators & look for locally sourced fabric & finishes to produce world class garments that are 100% Africa Made Only.


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How does Africa Made Only get involved with the community?

We worked to establish a cooperative space in Wynberg for retrenched textile & garment makers, most of which are women from Bishop Lavis & Khayelitsha. The idea was to create a space that enables them to earn in the CoOp until such time as they regain permanent employment. The newly employed are then replaced by someone else with the same skill. We call the cooperative "The Makers Cottage" and it houses three business types with three symbiotic skill sets. A CMT service, A skilled labour resource manager/recruiter & Retail/Wholesale Brands that keep fabric on the machines and the women earning. 

Tell us about the material you order from the Eastern Cape.

The inspiration for our designs come from locally sourced fabrics like Shweshwe and wax prints from all over the continent. The process behind creating our products is simple. We draw inspiration for our designs from locally sourced fabrics like Shweshwe which is made in Zwelitsha in the Eastern Cape by Da Gama Textiles. Our product range is cut with the aim to have zero waste on our fabrics. We produce shorts, Hoodies, windbreakers, T-shirts, Kids shorts, hats, masks and even scrunchies from the same fabric. What’s left of our fabric is hand quilted to create bespoke limited edition garments like our Patch Patch Windbreaker. 

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If one would like to support Africa Made Only how would they get involved?

Lockdown has affected us tremendously, we were unable to produce garments in our makers cottage for the duration of level 5. We began to come back online with level 4, producing masks which we are giving away with every purchase online. The women of our local makers' cottage earn by us keeping fabric on the machines. We encourage the readers to enable us by sharing this segment, following us on Instagram @africa_made_only, sharing us with your friends and if you can purchase products or gift cards from us online www.africamadeonly.com.

We will also accept donations via Snapscan as we look to improve our offering at Makers Cottage, all of our equipment has either been donated or is pre owned. We are also in particular are aiming with this assistance to install solar energy or include a generator to combat load shedding which cripples our business. 

Meet the Africa Made Only Team: From left, Naomi Gross, Caroline Magada, Ryan Amory, Joanne Pieterson, Patrick Pearson, Benjamin Cifundo, Magda Maree and Grant Maree.
Meet the Africa Made Only Team: From left, Naomi Gross, Caroline Magada, Ryan Amory, Joanne Pieterson, Patrick Pearson, Benjamin Cifundo, Magda Maree and Grant Maree.

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