Editorial | We strive to offer news worth knowing

Image: HeraldLIVE

In this South African election year, a credible source of news is essential for the average citizen to make responsible and informed decisions.

However, ever since Donald Trump popularised the phrase “fake news” in 2015, the world’s mainstream media have largely been tarred with the same brush as less established sources of information.

As well as newspapers, radio and television, there are now websites galore, including giants such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

This avalanche of information ranges from reliable facts through to wildly dangerous fiction through which readers must sift and dig to find the nuggets of truth.

Good journalism always has been – and still is – at the coal face of mining those nuggets.

Today, more than ever in the media world, seeing isn’t necessarily believing, and this is why a credible source is so important. It is also why trust has been eroding.

The Herald, with its team of professional journalists, is well-placed to give residents of Nelson Mandela Bay the truth behind the headlines.

A robust and independent “Fourth Estate” plays a vital role and has been cited in SA’s various commissions, with media pressure and scrutiny thanked for putting the brakes on corruption.

Our mandate is to listen, report and share the news in as clear and engaging a manner possible with you, the reader.

Editors are working hard to retain your trust and provide news which is transparent and accountable.

The introduction of online journalism changed how readers consume news and many now rely solely on the information they access via their cellphone.


Our new Premium content on HeraldLIVE offers this and more, including regional and national arts, sports and personalities in the mix, alongside the headline hoggers of crime and corruption.

Bear in mind, however, that it takes skilled resources to bring you this information. And, as this newspaper noted in January in an op-ed, it comes at a cost.

We believe it is information worth knowing.