Letter | Good leaders must listen to, serve others

Provincial ANC chairperson Oscar Mabuyane
Provincial ANC chairperson Oscar Mabuyane
Image: Sino Majangaza

It is important to know what makes a good leader, so that we can recognise good leaders and learn from them. Leaders have a great responsibility. They should always be a good example to the people they lead, such as ANC Eastern Cape provincial chairperson Oscar Mabuyane.

If they are elected by the people, they should take special care not to go against the will of the people who chose them as their leaders.

There isn’t a specific set of rules for good leaders, or points on what a good leader should be and do, but there are some basic principles that most people feel a good leader should follow. Here are some of them. A good leader:

  • Listens to his people;
  • Is a servant of the people and works for the good of others;
  • Works with a team;
  • Has courage and is brave;
  • Is dedicated and is wholeheartedly committed to his or her beliefs;
  • Is dedicated and is wholeheartedly committed to others;
  • Is prepared to sacrifice or give up something for the sake of others.

So being a leader does not only mean people have to listen to you, or that you are popular and important. Being a leader also means that you have to work hard and live a good life.

This letter goes to only great leaders of our Eastern Cape provincial executive council as well as mayors of our municipalities that are led by great leaders such as Alfred Nzo District Municipality mayor Sixolile Mehlomakhulu.

I also wish those new in their paths at Bhisho as MECs all the best. They must take note of what is needed to be a great leader.

Viwe Sidali, ANC Mzwanele Fazzie branch, East London