Letter | Disgusting behaviour from ANC comrades

The ANC flag
The ANC flag
Image: Stephanie de Sakutin

What we have witnessed in the Nelson Mandela Bay council over recent weeks is disgusting, to say the least.

It is chaos that cannot be believed, especially when the glorious movement of O R Tambo is at the centre.

There was a time when the ANC was a minefield of debate and raising of superior argument, and a leader in terms of ideas.

Now our glorious movement is stooping low into politics of violence and disruption, which do not advance any of the founding principles of this movement and do not take this country forward.

The ANC abandoned the armed and violent struggle during the Codesa negotiations.

Fast forward to 2018 and what is the preoccupation by our ANC public representatives with local power? Is it to self-enrich and self-serve? I am asking these questions because I am not hearing my glorious movement raising the debate about service delivery failures by those who occupy the highest political offices in the metro, except the obsession to occupy the mayor and MMCs’ offices.

This, of course, provides easy access to state levers, so as to further “our time to eat” as well.

When will the discussion about translating the 54th conference resolutions into council resolutions take place, even if it’s at the level of putting informed policy positions and leading discussions, so that come the next elections the electorate understands our position.
Unfortunately this is the debate that is mute, what a pity.

We are only witnessing personalities emerging, all eager and ready to become mayor and MMCs.

Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela led without a title and position.

Can you emulate that? The perks and office will come naturally!

This obsession about MMCs’ positions does not seem about the urgency to implement and find space for ANC conference resolutions.

Comrades do not seem to appreciate and comprehend the loss of power and the pain that comes with it.

I think it’s time that comrades start stomaching the fact that their perks have dropped, free access and high-flying invitations have ceased, meals come with a tag now and they are no longer worshipped anymore since access to state levers is over.

Can the real ANC talk and lead us before it is too late?


Mpumzi Mgijima, Port Elizabeth