Letter | No traffic police to handle taxi chaos

Image: Supplied

This photo was taken on Wednesday in the late afternoon.

The taxis turn up from both lanes of Strand Street into Griffin Street, then turn in under the freeway ramp to cross over to the taxi rank, causing a blockage as there isn’t space for them to move.

On top of this an IPTS bus also blocked the intersection, despite seeing that progress could not be made. Guess who was driving the bus? Where is the traffic department? There were three traffic vehicles and officers parked at the back of the post office building, possibly stopping certain vehicles.
What is more important, traffic flow or stopping a motorist for trivial offences?

The area just past the bus station is also a problem.

Taxis just park and stop anywhere, preventing traffic flow.

The taxis should be diverted elsewhere to park to alleviate the traffic congestion.

K R Smallwood, Port Elizabeth