Letter | Why focus on races of DA leaders?

“Trollip faces keen fight over pivotal party role” (March 19): first, why is there always a focus on the racial makeup of the DA leadership? This party is the most racially transformed party in South Africa.

Finding a white in the top ANC positions is like finding a needle in a haystack. Nothing is ever said about this.

The same goes for the other “black” parties such as the EFF.

The EFF actually expresses its hatred of white people whenever it is expedient to do so.

Second, why is it necessary to focus on academic qualifications of candidates?

Is there a message there? Is it implied that the one with the most qualifications gets the job?

Does the fact that Athol Trollip is the “least qualified” make him less suitable for the job? This certainly seems to be the inference.

Academic qualifications are not a prerequisite for being a good leader.

Perhaps politicians and the media are dumbing the country down into accepting that one form of racism is worse than another and that academic discrimination is OK as well.