Letter | Transnet wasting water

Re The Herald front page on March 8. Transnet uses 3 000 kilolitres of water per month to spray the ore dump at a cost of R33.50 per kilolitre.

They have a water bill of between R100 500 and R230 892. This varies between 3 000kl to 6 892kl per month.

As an individual, if I consume more than 49kl per month I would be charged R244.05/kl.

This is sheer daylight robbery of the Port Elizabeth ratepayers and makes a mockery of all the businesses that have had to close due to the water restrictions. Refer to a recent letter published in your paper from Bruce Basson.

Why is Transnet not treated like all other businesses as well as not being penalised for excessive water usage like the rest of Port Elizabeth?