Letter: Municipality must follow regulations

[caption id="attachment_212975" align="aligncenter" width="599"] The Herald reader Joshua Horn sent in this picture of water sprayers on the Donkin Reserve[/caption]

It was with great shock and disappointment when I noticed water sprays watering the brown grass on the Donkin Reserve on July 7. Ever since that day, up to today [July 19], the about 20 water sprays have been watering the about 1 500m² piece daily.

Today [July 19] that grass is green and the water sprays continue to shed hundreds of thousands of litres of water, while the municipality, almost daily, preaches water conservation during this severe drought that has seen drastic steps being taken by residents of the metro at the request of the municipality.

However, the municipality clearly does not care to practise what it preaches.

I do not have to remind anyone of the numerous newspaper headlines underlining the water crisis in the metro and desperate measures citizens are advised to take to preserve what is left of our extremely limit water resources.

Already, the municipality is not performing as expected and this, undoubtedly, adds to its sad narrative, while the citizens bear the brunt.

Mayor Athol Trollip, this is one more step south and it cannot be explained away.

-Joshua Horn, Kabega Park, Port Elizabeth

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