Letter: No surprise Jordaan resigned

It is surprising that many people are surprised by Danny Jordaan’s resignation as an “ordinary” councillor.

A man with an independent outlook and self-respect would have never accepted being used as a shifting spanner to swing the political pendulum from the DA to the ANC as far as the coloured electorate is concerned – which was Jordaan’s ultimate mandate.

The greatest free thinker in the ANC was Kaizana “Oliver Reginald” Tambo, irrespective of the fact we share the same October 27 birthday. It seems that most ANC leaders nowadays thrive on adulation and populism, let alone money, status and materialism, and fail to question the basis of their popularity. Just like the Facebook, Twitter, social media attention lovers who think being followed by shallow “fans” means instant celebrity status. As Warren Buffet puts it: “Only when the tide is low do we see who has been swimming naked.”

ANC anointing has its drawbacks after all, despite the emotional and nostalgic propaganda being peddled.