Pool surrounds mar beach upgrade

THE beachfront has been nicely improved at Kings Beach with a wonderful landscaped park, additional trees planted around the lake and the well looked after municipal pools for children. Also, another improvement in the making is the beachfront promenade between Kings Beach and Humewood Beach – makes for happier living and a big thank you to the town planners.

However, the McArthur Pool is in a very bad state, with rusted, dirty wire fences and a general air of dilapidation, an eyesore when passing it en route to the beach. It is contrary to what the municipal authorities are trying to do in maintaining the beachfront for all to enjoy.

They decided to paint all the metal work black a few years back, so as not to notice the rust which now has impregnated the original stonework of the pool This once gracious pool is managed by a restaurant nightclub organisation, Cubana PE and Havanna Blu.

Cubana PE's maintenance of this pool centre is much to the detriment and not in the league of what NMMM officials are trying to create along this stretch of the beachfront. In fact, the McArthur Pool is in complete contrast, and not in harmony with Kings Beach park and the newly restored promenade to Humewood Beach.

The pool centre in its present state is also a downgrade for the area. It would be a big plus if the NMMM took the reins of running this pool centre, seeing how well and efficient the other pools in the Kings Beach park are run.

The running of a nightclub and intermittent DJ deck parties around the pools does not do the McArthur Pool any good.

O Tonnesen, Port Elizabeth