Fifa must act on biting

[caption id="attachment_38249" align="alignright" width="150"] LUIS SUAREZ villain[/caption]

LUIS Suarez has bitten another footballer for the third time in his career. The controversy around him has been well documented, though he has managed to overcome his sins in the eyes of the media.

His talent is undeniable: he's such a phenomenally talented footballer, capable of weaving his way through people's minds and turning impossible positions into the greatest but for his tragic and reprehensible spiral into villainy. "No genius has ever existed without a touch of madness," was said by Herman Goring when asked about Adolf Hitler during the Nuremberg trials, but Suarez doesn't deserve sympathy from anyone after what he did to Giorgio Chiellini.

It is understood that throughout his career the player has never been sent off for his antics and punishment will dissuade him from doing it again. Fifa's disciplinary code sets a maximum ban of 24 matches or two years, but the longest ban in World Cup history was eight games for Italy's Mauro Tassotti for breaking Spain's Luis Enrique's nose in 1994 with an elbow.

The Suarez incident was there for everyone to see and Chiellini certainly has some evidence to present. The football federation must do the right thing this time around to make sure that the Suarez incident doesn't happen again.

Wandile Mtana, Uitenhage