Maimane will manage job well

IN reference to David Macgregor's report of a talk given to a teach-in at Rhodes University by Eusebius McKaiser, McKaiser makes an entirely unwarranted call on Helen Zille to change her leadership style and a call on the DA to hold back from electing Mmusi Maimane the parliamentary leader ("Warning against Maimane in DA's hot seat", May 26).

Last week in a letter published in the Cape Times, McKaiser was berated for "barely concealed class and race prejudice" for using the snide ANC slur of the word "Madam" in reference to the Western Cape premier.

What kind of credentials does this journalist possess to feel free to pontificate ad nauseam on the qualities requisite to lead the growing DA, after 20 years in opposition against a nationalist tripartite monolith?

In respect of his being elected leader of the opposition in parliament, anyone with the competence of Maimane will mop up the rigmarole of procedures in a short time, given sharp-witted whips. More important, is to bring fresh strategic approaches to the debate on policy and laying bare the deficiencies of a corrupt ruling party.

It is possible that the hidden ANC agenda, of demeaning Zille's leadership, is part of a fear that she and Maimane in their dual roles will prove a winning combination. It is perfectly plain that a second term for Zille as premier of the Western Cape, consolidating the excellence of the first, will be the ammunition that the leader in the National Assembly will need to back his argumentation.

Colin Fraser Lang, Knysna