How do you explain poster, Mr Totoyi?

I AM so pleased to see the answer from Hamilton Totoyi ("Can still queue for others", May 15) as for months now both I and my attorneys have been attempting to set up some dialogue in the hopes of resolving this matter, but to no avail. I am sorry you feel my comments imply bad management, but how do you then explain the posters plastered all over the building as per the photograph attached?

Calling Q4ME and other document companies opportunistic obviously took as much thought as Julius Malema calling an accredited British journalist a "bloody agent".

As mentioned in my previous letter ("Now you can only queue for self", May 12), the complaint from many people is that reputable people are banned while the chaos outside continues unabated controlled by intimidating thugs. Anybody's granny would be scared to stand in that queue.

Frank Atkinson, Port Elizabeth