Open letter to new premier

AN OPEN letter to the  newly elected premier of the Eastern Cape,  Phumulo Masualle:

The  Interdenominational African Ministers’ Association of Southern Africa,  Interdominational African Ministers’       Wives’ Association of Southern Africa and Interdenominational Youth Association of Southern Africa   are  Christian or religious revolutionary movements that seek to promote reconciliation within the churches, society and broader community.

We declare apartheid as a heresy because South African society was based on white racism, maintained by violence and oppression. We fought against  these societal ills. We used the  pulpit to teach our communities to disobey the apartheid regime and pray for the fall of the regime.

Based on this background, we take this opportunity to congratulate, as sixth premier of the Eastern Cape,   Phumulo Masualle.

The ANC deploy you as leader in government to implement the manifesto to the people of the Eastern Cape province. You need to address the following issues as soon as possible:

  • Infrastructure development: eg   rural school development,  clinics and hospitals,  access roads and dams.

  • Education:  teacher  availability in all schools, school governing body monitoring and proper accountability,  and  school feeding implementation and proper accountability in terms of financial management and procurement management.

  •  Municipalities: to promote participatory democracy, eg election of ward committee by communities, promotion of Batho Pele from councillors to officials and land availability to  churches and NGOs.

  •  Social development in your term should be a real department for social change to address  poverty and hunger.
We request you to be a watchdog of the voters who voted ANC the fifth time to rule the Eastern Cape province to prevent corruption, nepotism, misappropriation of state funds in municipalities and all government agencies. You  must set up a provincial task team to deal with service delivery, housing delivery and allocation fraud. You must put a stop to  infighting between ANC deployees in local government.

Premier, we think you know  better than us the challenges of the province. Deal with them now. We will pray for you and cabinet.

Rev Dr Xolani Tengo, spokesman of Idamasa Eastern Cape Chapter