Stop the Bay power piracy, NMMM

WELL done to the NMMM that started removing illegal electricity connections in Walmer ("Walmer power struggle", May 16). Better late than never.

Based on the reaction of residents, it would seem that the unit will need a military escort in future. Electrical connections are re-sold by seeming entrepreneurs, but they are nothing short of pirates.

Safety of children playing near live wires is a great concern besides the ethical issues. The NMMM needs to be applauded and supported by the majority at this time.

Knowing how unscrupulous people react, now the NMMM agents need to get security to assist them in the continued effort to clear up this shocking pattern. Our security forces better step up to the plate to support these clean-up efforts.

Education seems to have fallen on deaf ears too in regard to the dangers of these illegal wiring death traps.

Each home needs its own private supply with all the rebate benefits they get.

They get the first so many units free anyway! Why pay a loan shark for multiple illegal and unsafe connections?

Stop the piracy – keep it up, NMMM.

Rego Burger, Port Elizabeth