Show some leadership now, ANC

THE ANC may have won the elections convincingly, but the people of this country need to know what will happen next.

The ANC as a ruling party needs to show us a new political landscape.

There is a big debate and mixed feelings among the members of the party. Some members feel the ANC should celebrate the victory and others feel we should not celebrate because the ANC did not do well enough in the elections.

After 20 years of democracy the ANC as a ruling party needs to table its success stories and shortcomings.

The ANC also needs to rectify the mistakes that it has committed for the past 20 years and I do not want us to be caught in a situation like Zimbabwe.

There are also laws that keep on being obstacles to service delivery and the ANC needs to repeal these unjust laws.

The ANC needs to take a very serious look at itself and a lot of spring-cleaning needs to be done with dead wood needing to be removed.

Over the past four national elections the ANC has lost a lot of membership and credibility. The first faction to leave the ANC was led by General Bantu Holomisa, who later formed the United Democratic Movement.

The second faction was led by Mosiuoa Lekota and Mbhazima Shilowa, who later formed the Congress of the People and thirdly the faction was led by Julius Malema, who later formed the Economic Freedom Fighters.

I am just wondering what will happen during the local government elections in 2016 and the national elections in 2019.

It is true that there is a leadership crisis in the ANC and that does not mean that there are not capable people to lead the organisation.

It is that we do not elect the right people to lead the organisation.

People want to get to leadership positions to enrich themselves and their families, they do not have the people of this country at heart.

Another thing I think the ANC is doing wrong is imposing the names of the councillors on the members, so a democratic process is not taking place.

In the near future we want to see the NDP working because we adopted it as our economic vehicle.

We want to see more investors coming to invest in the country to create more jobs, and we also want to see more community and infrastructural development so that the service delivery protests can be reduced.

Lastly we want to see more young people attending schools and universities, and see them participating in the economy of the country.

Mzwandile Pepe Nkomombini, community activist, Zwide, Port Elizabeth