Keep unions out of principal selection

MORE than 200 principals' posts have been advertised in the latest bulletin of the Department of Education.

One of the main reasons why most schools are non-functional is because many principals are not appointed on merit. A criterion that is used in most cases is affiliation to Sadtu.

Sadtu is allegedly a usurper of posts not only in schools but also in government departments. The allegation that senior posts are being sold at R30000 each supports my view that appointments are made on the basis of union affiliation.

The department officials are in most cases allegedly biased and not neutral enough to oversee the appointment process.

It is therefore critical for other unions to ensure that they are present at all the shortlisting and interview processes.

School governing bodies must not allow interference from parties not part of the selection panel.

They must ensure that the prescribed criteria are used and that anything outside is contrary to the rules.

Schools in our province will be much better managed and results will improve if appointments are made on merit.

Teacher, Uitenhage