Election result shows the ANC losing support

THE 62% election result is a clear indication the ANC is starting to crumble. With every breakaway from the ANC it loses a sizeable number of voters at the polls.

In 2009 COPE had 30 members of parliament which negatively affected the ANC. When Smuts Ngonyama and 21 other COPE MPs returned to the ANC the results show that they did not return with any grassroots support.

The EFF with its 25 seats in the National Assembly further bruised the ANC and helped to bring the ANC's majority down from 65.9% in 2009 to 62.2% in this election. The ANC now has nine MPs fewer than in 2009.

I find it strange that the ANC boasts about an overwhelming majority. What it fails to comprehend is that it is now only 13% away from defeat.

The DA has clearly shown itself to be the alternative party for all South Africans.

Many doomsayers and political analysts have said the DA has reached its ceiling.

In 2009 when the DA got 12% of the vote, they said so. In 2009 when the DA received 16.5%, they again said so.

Now with a result of 22.2% the DA has shown that its growth is not determined by analysts, but by the goodwill of many South Africans.

The DA has shown itself to be the most nonracial party of all in South Africa, bringing together all races in its political structures as well as deployment to the various legislatures.

Surely the next trophy awaiting the DA is winning the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro in 2016.

The fact that the ANC received less then 50% in this elections in the metro shows the citizens of the metro are sick and tired of all the corruption and lack of leadership in this metro.

Helga van Staaden, DA PR councillor, Port Elizabeth