Look to ANC for positive action

TO President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma,

The Interdenominational African Ministers of Southern Africa (Idamasa) is an association of religious leaders who fought against apartheid, Bantu education and black local authorities, and led protest marches for the release of Nelson Mandela and political prisoners, as well as the unbanning of the ANC and other political organisations.

Idamasa was prophetic about liberation, freedom and a democratic South Africa.

We have suffered a great deal, not least because we deeply longed for genuine change within society and state.

Our prophetic insight during the past 20 years of a free and democratic South Africa, we agree, is of a good story to tell although we are still facing serious challenges as society and state. Therefore we wish to congratulate the ANC on its fifth victory in the national and provincial election.

The South African voters gave a mandate for the fifth time to address outstanding challenges in our country such as:

ýImprovement and radical economic transformation, quality basic education and tertiary education, excellent social security, and secured and decent long term jobs;

ýFighting the social ills of corruption, tender fraud, nepotism, tribalism, racism, poor service delivery, crime and security, factionalism and groups.

A fifth term as ruling party in South Africa, the ANC means three things to us as Idamasa:

  • Promotion of the constitution and democracy;
  • Society upliftment, and economic empowerment and development;
  • Confidence, respect and trust.
We will always pray for the ANC and its leadership to service our people equally without discrimination on race, creed, political affiliation or association. God bless the ANC and the South African government.

Idamasa executive committee in the Eastern Cape under president Bishop SK Jika, Port Elizabeth