Keep the layabout thugs out of park

MY son went walking our puppy, as he does daily. As he was leaving Victoria Park he was robbed by five guys with knives.

Thank God he did not get hurt, but his cellphone and the little money he had on him to buy himself airtime were taken from him.

I'm aware that not much will be done to get his phone back, but I'm thinking maybe writing about thugs sitting in the park might create awareness among those who go there to walk their dogs, etc. I am so shaken by this ordeal, just thinking about it gets me emotional.

I'm a single parent, who cannot afford to give my son lavish things, and now his only mean of communication between us is gone, taken by thugs who had no regard for others.

I'm hoping that through publicity in your paper more people will stand together to fight the sitting around of thugs in our parks with the sole purpose of hurting those who go there for things such as walking a pet.

Emmy Bruiners, Port Elizabeth