Bad organisation hampers the DA

EVER since I heard the late Helen Suzman in 1961 outline the Progressive Party's policies, I have supported the party. For the record I note the following concerning the DA:

  • Shortly before the election, but too late for a postal vote, a neighbour had a bad fall and had difficulty in walking. She requested and was told that a wheelchair would be borrowed from a church to get her to the polling station.
The driver arrived without the wheelchair and in a 4x4. With great difficulty she got into the vehicle, despite the helpfulness of the very polite "runner";
  • Another neighbour, who can barely walk, was phoned twice by the DA Cape Town office and once by the local office to secure her postal vote. No application forms were brought to her.
On election day she phoned at least three times, asking to be taken to the polling station. She too barely managed to negotiate the 4x4.

These two votes were very nearly lost to the DA;

  • Another resident at the same address, who walks with crutches, was brought the necessary forms and voted at home prior to the election;
  • I was a card-carrying member of the DA in the past and have made contributions to the party. This year nobody asked me to renew my membership or at any time enquired if I intended to vote for the DA.
The only communication I had from the DA was a flyer in my letter box;
  • The DA voted with all other parties except the ACDP in the so-called Cape Town Declaration to condemn Israel together with Western Sahara and Cuba for human rights violations. If this is the extent of knowledge about Israel and the moral standpoint of the DA, Suzman must be turning in her grave.
Does the DA really care?

Disillusioned DA supporter, Port Elizabeth