Vote with heads and not hearts

HOW long will the people tolerate misgovernment?

The ANC has convincingly won the national elections with only slightly reduced support, despite the tidal wave of scandals and corruption linked with government which has been drowning this country. Everywhere you look you see reports of some scandal or corruption activity associated with local, provincial or national government where the ANC is in power.

Why? I can only think that good and decent people (they) voted with their hearts. They voted for Nelson Mandela and for the organisation that led the liberation movements.

Yet this is no more. The liberation movement has transformed itself into a fat and bloated driver of the gravy train.

Now somehow the ANC has convinced good and decent people to believe, "my party right or wrong", thus enabling it to do whatever it wishes and still be supported by the people. It truly will take until Jesus comes to rescue us from them or are people going to stand up and say at the ballot box: "Enough, no more"?

Mawethu Kosani, Daso chairperson, University of Fort Hare