Team not good bet for Bay

I DON'T know how far negotiations are between the Bay and Chippa Mpengesi, owner of Chippa United football club. Have you done your homework properly?

Do you know Mpengesi? He has just recently once again fired the coach, Vladislav Heric, the man who helped his team win promotion back to the PSL.

He has fired no less then six coaches in the last three years, so something is wrong with the man. He is also heading to court with Ajax Cape Town over a player feud.

Not to long ago he was also embroiled in legal battles with some of his employees over salaries not paid in his company.

Do we really need to go this route in securing big soccer in the Bay?

Who is going to benefit? This man has no regard for people.

Give him a few months and he will find a loophole to get out of the contract and move his team back to Cape Town, costing the Bay millions of rands in losses.

If we really want big time soccer back, rather look at buying him out completely. That man is controversial and is forever in the media for all the wrong reasons.

Our local semi-pro teams are also doing very well. Why could the Bay not think of maybe buying a second division pro side franchise? I am sure that these boys will make it back into the PSL within two years.

Concerned football supporter, Port Elizabeth