Many unhappy about poor ANC governance

ROLAND Williams, spin doctor for the municipality, writing in his personal capacity, asks why the people still vote for the ANC ("SA votes for ANC for what it has delivered", May 7). He replies to his own question with the response that South Africans are witness to and have experienced this miraculous turnaround in every element of life under the ANC leadership.

Williams continues with a list of wonderful achievements, all credited to the ANC under its deliveries to the citizens of South Africa, and his conclusion is a statement of pride in voting for the ANC in the election.

Please advise of your sentiments, Mr Williams, in the same vigorous tone, to the massive levels of corruption at all levels of government, Guptagate, Nkandla, Marikana, the shocking state of our road network, the lack of service delivery, wanton destruction of community structures as a result of mass frustration by the citizens of their own infrastructure, entire towns and cities where no services exist, deaths in pit toilets, the shocking level of non-delivery of textbooks to schools, shortage of vehicles for the police and ambulance services to deliver basic services, and the major implications of the public protector's report, avoided at all costs to be dealt with after the election.

Jacob Zuma has shown he is the master of ducking and diving. Nelson Mandela is responsible for the bulk of what the ANC has achieved, Zuma and his cronies are along for the ride.

I notice, too, that very little is said about all the Zuma wives, yet we are not a polygamous state. Zuma has achieved nothing but shame and embarrassment to South Africa.

Please publicly state your support for everything he stands for, since you are so proud to vote ANC.

Should I declare, as you do, that all is well and the ANC have a good story to tell? A reader in an earlier comment stated the ANC was good at telling stories. I and millions of South Africans cannot answer the question as to why so many still vote for the ANC – ignorance, fear, denial, who knows?

Year after year the masses are sidelined by losses to corruption and the Nkandla type of waste, but they continue to vote ANC. Zuma and Gwede Mantashe threaten the masses with the drivel of their ancestors being unhappy if they vote for any party, so fear borne of ignorance helps the ANC cause.

When will you pull your head out of the sand and get real? If you are so proud to be an ANC member, how do you explain the points I raise?

For the record, Mr Williams, these are sentiments shared by many citizens, of all race groups. How you are able to put a piece of drivel such as this in a letter announcing how proud you are begs the question: are you really serious or are you simply currying more favour with the ANC to protect your position?

Pat Ferraris, Port Elizabeth