I'm not fooled

SO Roland Williams is proud of the ANC ("SA votes for ANC for what it has delivered", May 7). He crows about the ANC's achievements especially in the sporting field for which the net result is to impoverish the Eastern Cape. He conveniently ignores the ANC's biggest achievement, which is the loss of billions of rands through corruption and wasteful expenditure. No first world country could beat this, or even wish to. I am also a proud man, proud of the high walls that surround my property, the gates on remote control and the fancy (and costly) burglar alarm system, all of which are necessitated by our newfound so-called freedom for which I am supposed to be grateful. Also I am proud that I survived a recent assault by two thugs when I was left for dead. Roland, you may be able to fool some 40 million people in this country, but you can't fool me. After all, if the ANC goes, so do you. GE Turley, Walmer, Port Elizabeth