Recognise Hashe's legacy in renaming of PE Airport

NAMING the Port Elizabeth Airport after Sipho Hashe resonates with his political contribution and sacrifices he made in the liberation struggle of this country. This was echoed by President Jacob Zuma in the funeral services for the Pebco Three and Cosas Two leadership. This has nothing to do to with sidelining other names of the Pebco Three, but rather recognises Hashe's selfless sacrifice in the pursuit of liberating the people of the country during trying times of the evil system of apartheid. It is in the best interest of the people of this country to know the individual contribution played by Hashe during his time serving on Robben Island with men like Zuma. Nelson Mandela and Steve Tshwete. Even after his release after 10 years on Robben Island he continued to fight and mobilise civic organisations under strict banning orders and recruited many cadres to join the liberation movement inside and outside the country. This was a contribution he was prepared to die for, so this unnecessary row over renaming the airport after him defies logic and has no basis at all. Equally so other comrades did play their contribution in their own right, but with no comparison at all to his. Pebco was a civic organisation led by individuals and leaders of the mass democratic movement under the auspices of the ANC when it was banned, so leaders like Hashe were members of the ANC. Indeed the Port Elizabeth Airport should remain a symbolic place recognising the contribution and sacrifices made by the leaders who were abducted by the notorious apartheid regime. Lulamile Charles, ANC activist and entrepreneur, Port Elizabeth