'Clever' comment an insult to supporters

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma says only clever people care about Nkandla. That's a good story.

Everywhere the Agang campaign went, people certainly were talking about this. What we found was missing was a positive alternative, which is what we offer.

We talk of active citizenship, of rebuilding community pride, of reversing the attitude that black people cannot expect to be high achievers.

Now this statement. It's worth quoting his exact words: "It's an issue with the bright people, (with) very clever people it's a big issue."

What he is in effect saying is that ANC supporters are not very bright. What a terrible insult to his own supporters.

This, after ANC KwaZulu-Natal Agriculture MEC Meshack Radebe said people who voted for the opposition and accepted a social grant were stealing. More recently, ANC Chatsworth branch chairperson Visvin Reddy said Indians who complained should go back to India (no doubt with the ticket paid for by the Guptas).

Is there no section of the community that the ANC will not insult before it finds it has no support anymore?

Agang SA was founded to provide a home to ANC supporters who were looking for something better. We did not expect the ANC to make our message so clear.

We welcome support from intelligent voters and from any section of the community who exercise their right to be critical.

Philip Machanick, Agang Eastern Cape spokesperson and policy convenor, Grahamstown