SA votes for ANC for what it has delivered

JUST before the historic first democratic elections of April 1994, South African media carried what could best be described as "disparaging" articles about Nelson Mandela and his ability – or lack thereof – to lead the country.They were, of course, proven wrong.

Just before Thabo Mbeki took office in 1999, the same media and analysts predicted a "collapse" of government.

From 2009 to this year, it was Jacob Zuma. Same ANC. Same media. Same analysts. Same disparaging reports.

Today when people vote: the same result, the ANC will win by a substantially large margin.

Why, when the media and so-called analysts have done their damndest to purport the ANC as having "limited abilities, regressive policies, corrupt practices, and questionable leaders" do our people still vote for the ANC? Predominantly South Africans will overwhelmingly vote for the ANC because they have borne witness to and experienced a miraculous turnaround in every element of life under the ANC's leadership.

It has delivered: 208 million houses to the poor; a phenomenally fantastical increase in road, rail, port, water and telecommunications infrastructure; new dams, airports, power stations, hospitals, clinics and schools; an increase in social assistance from 2.7 million beneficiaries in 1994 to a staggering 16 million today; a special assertion of women, youth and people with disabilities; a progressive labour legislative framework; between 90% and 95% of households now having water, sanitation and electricity (compared to a pathetic 50% in 1995); rural development and the redistribution of 9.4 million ha of land; skills development and training legislation and systems; consistent and unfettered economic growth coupled with sustainable (environmental) development and, yes, an increase in the matric pass rate from 61% in 2009 to 78% in 2013.

The ANC government has delivered inter alia the 1995 rugby World Cup, the 1996 Africa Cup of Nations, 1999 All Africa Games, 2001 World Conference Against Racism, 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, 2003 cricket World Cup and the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Let's not forget an unequalled constitution, democratic institutions aimed at keeping government accountable (such as the public protector), the SKA telescope and other life-changing benefits and services.

Today I vote for the ANC! Boy, am I proud! Roland Williams, Kragga Kamma, Port Elizabeth