DA only choice to fight corruption, fix economy

TODAY the DA is the only real choice voters have to cut corruption, fix the economy and create six million real jobs. The DA has a credible plan to create jobs and cut corruption, and we now have a track record in the Western Cape that proves it is a plan that works.

In this, the most important election since 1994, jobs matter. If you have a job it matters and if you don't have a job it really, really matters.

Job creation is the single most important issue in this election because unemployment is out of control. It is important because a job provides dignity, unity and deals with many of the social ills that affect millions of South Africans.

A job is the ticket out of poverty for those who are unemployed and it is a ticket towards a better future for all.

This week Stats SA released the latest Quarterly Labour Force Survey which confirms that where the DA governs, we create jobs! The report shows the DA government in the Western Cape has created 146000 jobs over the last year, far more than all of the other provinces, more than double what the ANC governments created in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

But more importantly, the DA government has reduced unemployment by the most of all the provinces. If you want a growing economy that creates real jobs and expands opportunities to more people, if you want improved service delivery without corruption, then today you should cast your vote for the DA.

The Western Cape story of jobs and clean, effective government can become the Eastern Cape story if the voters lend us their votes for the next five years. In this election South Africans can vote for more of the same corruption and unemployment under Jacob Zuma's ANC or they can vote for change that will create jobs and cut corruption under Helen Zille's DA.

The choice is clear. Let us stand together today. Let us unite to build a stronger economy that creates jobs and elect a clean government that delivers to all the people.

Andrew Whitfield, DA PR councillor, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality