Election campaigning at deafening levels in town

I LIVE in a small town in the Eastern Cape, unfortunately almost too close to the main road and unfortunately almost opposite the ANC offices.

I could not believe the hype on Saturday from 8.30am to 5pm, both from the ANC offices and the coloured township – quite deafening!

I sit, unfortunately, in between them both! Loud hailers, gospel music (which has got me), rap artists, etc, interspersed with voices of unimpressive and unintellectual male voices urging their own folk to vote for the ANC.

Do they not realise, they, as the poor and the (previously) underprivileged, have not received one single upgrade from this government in 20 years?

This reigning government has ruined a beautiful country, nothing functions – everything has gone to pot! I call this intimidation of the highest degree and total bull****! Surely you would want to vote for improvement, not for someone who rides the gravy train daily and puts all the money in his pocket?

Sandy Lavin, Alexandria