Taxpayers' money funds handouts

THERE have been many reports recently regarding the handing out of food parcels and mattresses, handing over of houses, ministerial visits, promises, etc by the ANC just prior to the elections.

All of this took place courtesy of the taxpayers who have no say over how their money has been spent.

In the metro we have continuously had reports of Sassa food parcels (value R1200 each) handed out in exchange for R12 membership fees to the ANC.

The metro ratepayers will have to pay up for the next vote-buying ploy by the ANC.

Pamphlets were distributed informing residents of an ANC-organised initiative on Saturday April 26 whereby budget and treasury officials had been arranged by the ANC to assist with applications for free water and electricity in Kensington. As this was on a Saturday, obviously overtime would be paid for by the ratepayers. In the past I have tried to arrange for this department to do the same, during working hours, for a block of flats where a lot of elderly folk without transport reside.

I was told the department would not make house visits and that residents had to transport themselves to the treasury department offices.

This casual abuse and callous vote-buying is a disgrace to the once proud legacy of the ANC, that initially had the respect of all.

The DA will never resort to tactics like these as the DA stands for clean, honest and open government, transparent to all citizens.

The voting public must realise that their votes are crucial, and make sure that they cast their votes in the best interests of the country.

Chris Roberts, DA councillor, Ward 7, Port Elizabeth