Security upgrades to Zuma's private home

WHAT Thulas Nxesi, and most of the ANC, seem not to be able to comprehend is that the "security" upgrades were done to Jacob Zuma's personal, private residence, and to compare this fiasco to what is spent on Barack Obama's security while in residence at the White House is ludicrous, to say the least ("'What's all the fuss about a few million?'", May 1). It is state property and not his personal home.

Then to bring in the building of the George Airport to support the argument is a clear demonstration of the drivel that is being used by the ANC to justify its blatant theft from the country's coffers. If, and it is a mighty big if, the president needs this level of security then it should be provided at one of the state-owned presidential residences, otherwise we will have the situation that whenever we have a change of president we spend hundreds of millions to upgrade "security" at their personal homes.

If one wants to be president then one must accept to live in the various residences provided by the state.

One wonders what it is going to take for the electorate to realise that the only way forward is to get rid of these thieves. Vote them out and if after five years you are still unhappy, then put them back, but with the warning that "we did it once and if you get up to your old tricks, we will do it again".

To quote the great man, "we were so busy fighting for our freedom we did not have time to learn good governance". It seems that 20 years has not been enough for the ANC to learn anything, other than how to line its own pockets.

Basil Carides, St Francis Bay