Only ANC has clear policy

WITH the national and provincial elections this week, parties are up and down canvassing, but only the ANC is campaigning with clear policies and programmes, guided by its National Development Plan. Other organisations are using Nkandla as their manifesto or in policies, lacking political will and maturity.

People of South Africa mustn't be confused by these mushrooming political parties that are just concerned about their stomachs, and posts in parliament as MPs and MPLs. The ANC will still be in charge.

The ANC is the only organisation blessed to lead our people as it did for the past 20 years and during difficult times. Those new and excited mushrooming political parties will never build this country.

Most of them were formed out of anger. The ANC was formed by sober leaders to defeat apartheid, indeed we did that.

While there are some challenges, we at the ANC acknowledge them and are ready to deal with them. The ANC is a broad church so because of that we'll have some challenges but is equal to the task of addressing them.

Those within the ANC accumulating wealth and advancing their selfish interests are known, monitored and we'll remove them.

The ANC is the only organisation with clear policies and even clear strategies.

No other organisation can build a better life for our people. Good stories are here: the ANC built houses for our people, schools, roads and a lot.

South Africa is better place to live in now because of the ANC. Let people of this country be brave once again by ensuring that they vote for ANC.

Let's all go to the polls and defend our hard fought democracy.

Viwe Sidali, ANC BET member, Mzwanele Fazzie branch, East London