Joburg could learn from Bay's service

WE have resided in Johannesburg since birth, but we have a business in Port Elizabeth. On Thursday April 17 at 5pm our staff noticed that the sewage drain in the yard had burst open and that the contents were running into the yard.

I phoned the NMBM service centre. The phoned was answered after the third ring.

I was given a reference number and told to phone back a while later to see what "position" we were in the queue. I phoned back at around 5.30pm and I was told the plumber was currently in Sunridge Park and that he would be coming to us next. At 6.15pm my staff phoned to say the problem had been fixed and the yard cleaned.

On Saturday morning Siphokazi from NMBM phoned to ask me if I was satisfied with the work carried out by the plumber. Wow! As a Johannesburg resident I am not aware that such excellent service from a municipality actually existed in South Africa.

A 10/10 for those staff who assisted me – a pity I didn't get the initial person's name. City of Joburg, you need to take heed of these superb role models!

Dominique Byrne, Johannesburg