Impossible to pay off bond

I REALISE an incredible amount has been written about the R250-million "upgrade of security" at Nkandla – burglar bars, CCVTV and helicopter pad, that sort of thing.

I have been told the unsecured Nkandla cost is in the region of R400-million.

I have no idea but if a simple security upgrade to a property requires R250-million, the property in question would, conservatively, cost considerably more.

I understand Jacob Zuma, as president, earns approximately R2-million a year. JZ has not been the president of South Africa for the 20 years of ANC rule but give him the benefit of the doubt.

That would be a salary earned of R40-million over 20 years, with five wives, 20 children and a bond of R400-million? At R2-million a year and no school fees or food, a bond of R400-million, without bank charges, would take 200 years to pay off.

Honestly, how is this possible?

Tod Burns, Port Elizabeth