Making kid a target

IT is devastating to read about the state of our country and the dangers that possibly will arise should you be a witness to a crime. Sometimes, in the case of Nomabotwe Madlakane and her cousin, Vuyisa Sawula, it results in the loss of your life.

I am not happy with the target you have placed on the surviving child's back, where you write "One of the three children, aged between one and five, is said to have witnessed the murder and to have been counselled by a child psychologist". Maybe I am being overly sensitive as a mother of a two-year-old, but this line gives the gang another reason to revisit the family.

This was unnecessary and irresponsible journalism. I can only pray that nothing happens to the poor child as the children have already lost a mother. You obviously cannot take what you have said back and you cannot really say that particular line was of "public" interest.

Greatly disappointed, Port Elizabeth