Why can’t Bay people start cruises here?

CAN anyone please explain to me exactly why no-one is allowed to board a cruise ship in Port Elizabeth, unlike the old days when this was always permitted? Poor old Port Elizabeth – if one wants to take a cruise on one of those fantastic ships, one has to travel to and from Cape Town or Durban.

This so drives up the expense of the trip, that many people have to give up the idea of their dream holiday. Durbanites and Capetonians pop on and off liners like fruit flies on peaches, but Port Elizabethans . . . no!

People from Johannesburg who want to cruise wouldn’t stand for it! The only reason that Johannesburg folk can’t embark from their own city is that Johannesburg is inland.

Frankly I am surprised that they haven’t demanded that a canal be constructed from Durban to Johannesburg so they would be enabled to board right there just off Eloff Street. I suppose Gauteng parliamentarians haven’t yet thought of that, otherwise it would have been done long ago.

Anyway, I see it as gross discrimination. What would the architects of our great constitution have to say about this injustice to would-be cruise travellers from PE?

I say that the position is unfair and requires looking into urgently by those concerned, such as the relevant government department, travel agents, or whatever, and I expect a change as soon as possible. Like tomorrow!

M Sandwick, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth