Union seeks former pupils

THE Old Greys’ reunion takes place in May and 11 class groups will be returning for the occasion. We still seek some missing Old Greys and we would be obliged if you would publish our appeal.

The Herald has a wide readership and if anyone can supply us with contact details we would be most appreciative. Please reply to ogu@greyhighschool.com or to (041) 392-7625.

Those missing include Graydon Fry, Saville Lewis, John Papendorf, Brian Tandy, Colin Walker, Tommy Crage, Doug Ferreira and Gavin Lavender (all matrics of 1964), Benjamin Brotchie and Davin Compton (both 1989), Oscar Walsh, Paul Rees, Neil Campbell and Cecil Wilkin (all 1974).

Ian Pringle, executive manager, Old Greys' Union, Port Elizabeth