Hospice needs supporters

IT is indeed gratifying for all at St Francis Hospice to read Barbara’s and Vanessa’s letters in Monday’s Herald (“Amazing support helped family cope” and “Huge loss if PE Hospice forced to close doors”). There is no immediate threat of the doors closing, but Hospice needs continually to seek new income streams to ensure its sustainability. Government and corporate funding is increasingly being directed towards priority rural programmes and pilot sites.

The efforts to “keep our doors open” must be intensified. To this end, Hospice has recently launched its Hospice Hero campaign (fronted by legendary metro sportsman Dave Callaghan) aimed at encouraging the citizens of the metro and Kouga district to take ownership of this vital community institution (“Callaghan leads drive to keep the doors of PE hospice open”, March 31). You can play a part by visiting the website, www.hospice-pe.co.za , and pledging a monthly donation which will make you a true hero of those living with life-threatening illnesses. Some 6 000 people committing to R100 per month will ensure Hospice remains a viable service for many years to come. Hospice has served the community for almost 30 years, through some really lean times, and is a highly relevant player in the health services sector. Your contribution is now more important than perhaps ever before. Trevor Wiblin, executive director, St Francis Hospice, Nelson Mandela Bay