Not happy with extra rates plan

I HAVE been opposed to the designation of Richmond Hill as a special ratings area (SRA) from the time it was first mooted. I now note from a report in The Herald that this has now been agreed to (“Meeting on special rates policy for Central area”, March 31).

I also note that a meeting was held for Central Hill mooting the same idea.

Coming out strongly in support and perhaps the prime motivator is Pierre Voges, as he was in the Richmond Hill SRA proposal. Voges is an employee of the NMMM, vested interests?

Alon Rathbone’s letter hits the right notes with me (“Let residents have say in use of funds”, April 2) and I support his calls.

On Saturday March 29 I e-mailed a list of questions to the chairperson of the Richmond Hill Forum and am still awaiting a reply. Not a very auspicious start.

Bruce Wigg, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth