Amazing support helped family cope

I READ on Facebook that Hospice in Port Elizabeth could be in danger of closing its doors. This would be a very sad and tragic day.

In 2011 my very active but elderly father arrived for a long holiday. He had cancer, but we did not realise how severe it was and far it had spread.

After a medical visit, I was advised that he was terminal and I was put in touch with Hospice. Their nurses visited him and the information they shared with us was so informative: just how to cope with what was coming, where to get assistance and making him comfortable – so many things he had not been aware of, by being treated in a state hospital.

The nurses visited him every few days, sat with him, and just encouraged and supported him and me, being the family member. After three weeks, he tragically woke up paralysed and within a week he died.

I would not have survived without their support. Their absolute dedication to the patient as well as the family was amazing.

I do not hesitate to appeal to the public: don’t let this valuable support base close its doors. Sadly, one never knows, it may be you next, needing their help.

Barbara, Adcockvale, Port Elizabeth