Time to abort unfair e-toll ‘pregnancy’

I LENT my old car (worth R8 000) to a poor, unemployed person to go to look for work in Johannesburg. The e-toll account came to me as I am the registered owner – R4 000 for two months.

The e-tolling system is trying to rob the owner of an old car, worth next to nothing, by charging fees that could replace the car every four months. This helps the economy how? Taxation should be a minor portion of income earned, not daylight robbery. Do the maths or are the e-toll accountants also part of the 30% pass mark of national education’s best effort system?

The e-toll is an unwanted “pregnancy” forced upon the breadwinners of society, it is time for a serious consideration of “aborting” it. Failing that it needs to be adopted by some other country that can afford to keep it.

The indigent are not catered for in this plan of things, they are already paying road tax every time they purchase inflated-priced fuel.

The e-toll should be an election issue. Please don’t give Julius Malema’s EFF the chance to spin a nationalisation of the e-toll either.

The pricing structure must cap monthly tolls to less than half the cost to fill a tank with fuel of an economical car like a 1 100cc Fiat Uno or it is not viable to continue. It is clear the greed-inspired costing system comes from people who have insatiable needs to build mansions that cost millions.

If I, trying to help another, can’t afford to pay this account with my salary, how can the system expect a job-seeker with no means to make ends meet? E-tolling either must go or be transformed to a moderate income generator that will benefit the country instead of a third party foreign state that has latched onto the ANC like a leech.

To all those united against this latest evil to grace our shores, we practically understand your protest. If Jacob Zuma won’t pay for Nkandla he claims he did not want, we unite by not paying for e-tolls we did not want or even benefit from.

Rego Burger, Port Elizabeth