Still have much to offer ward

IN spite of the DA’s one-sided decision to remove me, after a flawed process, I believe I still have lots to offer the residents of Ward 1, including the experience gained over the past eight years as a hard-working ward councillor. I am standing as an independent candidate in the by-election tomorrow and I appeal to all Ward 1 voters to help re-elect me to council, where I will continue to fight for proper service delivery throughout the ward.

Some of my successes over the past years included the removal of the dangerous kerbs along Marine Drive, which created a hazard for cyclists, and construction of the wooden boardwalks from Pollok to Flat Rocks. The upgrade of the Pipe car park and the braai areas between Beacon and Flat Rocks, and the installation of the traffic circle at Winchester and Strandfontein roads, Summerstrand also happened.

The provision of disabled friendly pedestrian pathways in Summerstrand and Walmer was also realised. In the peri-urban areas, several intersections were upgraded and verge-clearing happened along major arterials.

Construction of the Chelsea reservoir was completed and there were upgrades of the electricity supply lines to the peri-urban areas.

My ongoing track record of community involvement includes being a voluntary board member of Cheshire Home, Summerstrand and a voluntary board member of the Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities (APD). I continue to be a voluntary Summerstrand surf lifesaver and Lifesaving East Cape official and national commentator.

in 2005, the Rev George Irvine and I founded the Beachfront Safety Sector Forum and I continue to be the administrator of this crime forum. I am part of the Arlington Landfill Monitoring Committee, and am a co-founder and active member of the Amputee Support Group, ASG.

Voters of Ward 1 have been left in the lurch since November. Re-elect me and the hard work to get better services throughout the ward can continue.

Party politics is destroying this metro and a vote for me, as an independent candidate, is a vote for effective and sustained effort!

Ward 1 must be crime free, clean, disabled friendly, sport friendly and a preferred place to live. You can ensure this and show the DA it made an error of judgment in removing me. It took you, the voter, for granted.

We need a strong and effective opposition in council. With your support, once re-elected, I will work with the DA, and all parties, to ensure that we save this metro from its downward spiral.

Please keep in mind this is an election for your Ward 1 councillor only. There is no party vote.

Stanford Slabbert, Ward 1 candidate, Port Elizabeth